Friday, 4 September 2015

Are breasts organs?

A reader of this blog sent in the following interesting question, are breasts actual organs and why (not)?

This is a tricky question that may appear seemingly obvious, as you might correctly believe that the breasts have a certain function, namely to produce and provide milk to a new-born baby (apart from being the numdaer one fem5e attration to men).

Well yes, if you think that you are partly correct. Yet, breasts are in fact NOT actual organs! Here is why... According to biologists an organ is a seperately funtioning body part (check) that are, and here it comes, are deemed VITAL to the proper functioning of the human body. As we all know, we can live perfectly fine without breasts. Thus, breasts are not organs.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Some of the most sexy things to do AFTER sex!

In most instances, good sex is not just fucking and reaching an orgasm. It involves a lot more then that, including foreplay as well as afterplay! If sexual foreplay is the appetizer then afterplay would be the desert!

And if the sex is really 5-star quality, it can easily take several hours of pure enjoyment, including a wide range of "courses".

In this article I'll focus your attention on afterplay, as this is something that lacks severely in most sexual relationships.

Loss of horny feelings after orgasm

The most common factor of not engaging into afterplay is that when (men in particular) one has reached an orgasm, the mind along with the body is programmed and conditioned to retract from anything sexual and romantic for a while. This is a completely natural phenomena. Yet, with a bit of practicing to sort of force the mind to keep the loving feelings active, one can really achieve great heights in the love game!

It's a mindset that has to learn to remain interested in things like cuddling, kissing, touching, and perhaps even continuing towards a new main course!

Tips & tricks to keep the mojo going after orgasm (for men)

First thing you should get familiar with: straight after your orgasm / ejaculation, while your cock still inside her pussy, run your fingers down over her arms, her hips, and along the sides of her naked body. Keep doing that in a gentle motion, in a kinda wave-like way.
It's a less known fact to men that most women get extremely sensitive after sex, and especially these moves will feed her horny feelings, keeping her sexually stimulated while encouraging your own mind to stay horny at the same time.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

How to increase your sperm

How to get a hufe amount of ejaculate
There can be a variety of reasons why you would want to increase the amount of sperm in your ejaculations. You may want to increase your ejaculate to become more potent, giving you more potence to make someone pregnant, or you (or your partner) might find it arousing to spit more swimmers during sex... In any case, when you watch porn, what you actually see coming out most of the time is in fact unnaturally boosted ejaculate. As the popular 80's band's name of 10CC already suggests, this is the average amount of sperm that a man releases during an orgasm.

Now here's how to boost the amount of seed in every orgasm:

  • Drink more, especially water. Your ejaculate volume is mostly dependent on how must fluid you get into your body. Semen is water-based. Semen is different from sperm, it's actually the liquid that surrounds your sperm.
  • Keep the heat away. A too hot environment will result in lesser sperm production. This is also the reason why your testicles are outside of your body, to cool them down. Among other disadvantages, wearing tight underwear contributes to the testicles becoming too warm. Avoid wearing tight underwear as much as you can.
  • Don;t sit with your legs crossed. Again, this increases the temperature of your testicles as they are pressed against your warm body. Moreover, too much pressure on the delicate testicles hinders the production of sperm. Yes, sperm is produced even when you're not sexually active!
  • Extend your orgasm. It's quite incredible to know that on average your testicles produce more than 2000 swimmers per second in aroused state. By extending your orgasm for as long as possible, you can super-boost the amount of ejaculate!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Poor people masturbate more then rich people

It's officially a fact folks! According to an extensive study, the top ten highest income cities in the United States spend significantly less time watching (or should we say "wasting" time?) at porn / sex sites than the less fortunate people.

Presumably the cause of that being that they are not spending a lot of hours their day sitting at home while anxiously typing one handed porn niche keywords into a the widely known search engines, porn hubs and other sex sites alike. Which also draws the conclusion that this over extensive online fapping behavior may well be one of the reasons why these people stay poor, and the people making those porn websites are the ones who are getting even richer! And believe me, the owners of porn sites hardly get off at their own (or other) porn sites!

These three attached graphs lay out the numbers and details of the study on masturbation behaviour according to income.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Humanoid sex - Are we soon all banging robots?

Humanoid and human - Geminoid from Japan
It may sound a bit funny, but it's a real trend and it's growing fast in popularity: Sex with a humanoid. What is it? In recent years, human-like robots have quickly developed into very sophisticated, almost in-distinguishable from real human beings. And although most humanoid robots are being purchased with the sole reason to help people in their daily housework, and to be a social companion, there are also quite a number of people (mainly men) who love to have sex with these modern age sex dolls. And by right, they feel and react almost the same as the real thing with a big advantage: one could precisely select body features and character properties, without ever having to seduce it to become theirs. Some more, they don't complain, they don't go out, they don't have headaches or periods... And they certainly don't use your credit card. Would it be something for you?

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Lesbian porn: not for lesbians

One of the biggest, most successful adult niches around is definitely lesbian porn. Women pleasuring each other in all sorts of sexual ways from pussy licking to strap-on dildo sex to masturbating together or even a step further into filthyness such as girls drinking each others squirt and piss or lesbian bondage.

But if you think Lesbian porn has to do with Lesbian women watching porn then you are very off track. One thing that is certain is that lesbian porn is made for men. Sure, there is a small amount of this niche which is produced specifically for other lesbian women, but most material on offer is there just for men who love to see women have sex with each other.

In a recent study it has been determined that over 92% of lesbian porn movies have been put on the market with the intention to have the material consumed by male porn watchers. In the same study, it was also concluded that not less then 57% of all (Western) men fancy lesbian porn.

There's also much to say about the way lesbian sex is presented to us in these porn movies. In fact, what you most often see is very far off of how lesbian sex really is in real life. Ask any random lesbian woman and she will tell you that what you get to see in lesbian porn movies does not represent true sex between two women.

If you search for real amateur lesbian sex clips, you will find out that many of these are actually very different in content then the professionally produced lesbian sex movies. Go and explore!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Why is a “pussy” called a pussy

This article explains why the word pussy, as being used to refer to the female vagina, vulva, cunt and twat is called this way.

To start off, the vagina is pure sang the “canal” between a woman’s uterus and her labia. The word “vulva” actually refers to the outer parts of the female genetal area, including the two outer lips (labia), the clitoris, the venus hill and the opening of the vagina (roughly a centimeter deep). Put those two together and we have a “pussy”.

Now...why do we really call it like that? Two centuries ago, somewhere in the mid 1800’s, the word pussy became a popular word to refer to anything that was kind of soft and/or furry. The word pussycat and another word pussy willow are examples of other things that have the word pussy inside.

We must remember that in those days all women walked around with hairy, unshaved and in effect one could could argue “furry” vulvas. A woman’s cunt is most often quite soft as well, and so the term pussy was soon being associated to the female private parts.

In the late 1800’s there was also someone who apperrantly matched the hairy cunt of his wife to resemble a beaver’s tail, and thus the term “beaver” came into popular use as well.

Another interesting pussy fact is that according to historic tellings, Glaucon, who was Plaro’s brother, has said that a cunt is by right the most important thing to men, since all men are concepted there, start their life there, come out from there and spend their entire life trying to get into it again! Let’s hope dearly that he didn’t meane the “same” one! He was a real Greek though, so one would never know...