Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New trend: G-spot injection

New trend in 2013:
The G-shot
a G-spot injection that
gets you more and
intenser orgasms
On the doctor's sofa lies a visibly nervous woman, stripped off her clothing from her waist down, legs wide-open. Standing before her, the doctor inserting a needle of hyaluronic acid. It's carefully pricked into one of her utmost delicate body areas. The woman has already endured being probed by the doctor's fingers, suffered the pain of an internal injection of local anesthetic and the discomfort of having a speculum inserted into her vagina. She's also more than £500 poorer after this painful medical procedure, yet she's still full of excitement! She has read that this G-spot injection, humiliating and painful as it is, will transform her sex life by filling the G-spot with a cosmetic filler. And that with her newly enlarged g-spot, an area of sensitive tissue on the front wall of her vagina, she is likely to have multiple orgasms.

G-spot injections
A small flood of media reports on the G-spot injection practice have come to the surface in recent weeks, but some medical practitioners and researchers are expressing doubtful thoughts on the validity of the G-spot injection, stating that it's not supported by any medical evidence or studies and warn it could potentially have a damaging effect on women's sexual responses.

Dr. Lucy glancey
The "G-shot Doctor"
Glancey Medical Ass. in Essex, UK has already received a lot of attention for offering G-spot injections. Dr Lucy Glancey, a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon (specilized in vaginal cosmetic procedures), introduced the injections three years ago and since, she has performed over 200 g-spot injections. She first became aware of the g-spot procedure when she attended a medical conference where Dr David Matlock, a cosmetic gynecologist  gave a lecture about his invention: the G-shot. 'I was more then interested in the G-shot procedure, so I developed my own technique, which I tried on volunteers from my database of regular patients,' says Dr Glancey.

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